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My primary research interests are in software architecture and software engineering.

I was the development lead on the ArchStudio architecture-centric development environment. At the moment, it is still maintained by researchers at UC Irvine, but I hope to get back to ArchStudio development someday soon. ArchStudio uses xADL 2.0, an extensible architecture description language, for its primary internal representation format. I was one of the original developers of xADL 2.0 as well, along with Professor André van der Hoek.

Results from this research are primarily exposed through the ArchStudio environment and xADL language, but the findings are also documented in my publications.

My current work has me doing research in the areas of high performance computing (HPC), focusing on multi-core and many-core computing architectures, as well as wireless sensor networks, working primarily with Crossbow Technologies Mica family motes. At the moment this research is proprietary but we plan to eventually publish some papers and reports in the open on these subjects.